Monday, September 13, 2010


Yesterday, the family was over for dinner and, while I was cooking, Danielle was painting. She always has a rainbow in her heart. I don't know what's with the diamonds lately but they seem to take a part in her artwork too.

But animals were the theme of the day and she surprised me with these wonderful paintings. Here we have "Monkey and Leopard". We were watching "Marty Stouffer's Wild America" the other day, and these were not the animals that we saw, but they are some of her favorites.

"Tiger and Turtle". Look at that trot! She wanted to do the turtle in "pen & ink" (grandma's favorite), she told me, and didn't want to paint over it because she wanted the lines to show.

As with the faces on the animals, she did their features in "pen & ink" and left them to smile out at us.

Just look at those wonderful faces!

Her love of animals shows, doesn't it?


J (uk) said...

Beautiful! Feel happy just looking at them. Danielle has a great sense of colour and composition.

Audrey said...

Just like Grandma.

Gloria said...

Very cute! Already an artist like her Grandma!
Our Zoe has rainbows and animals in her heart most of the time too! It shows through in her artwork...:)

Doris said...

Love the animals! That turtle is fantastic! Great colors and smiles!