Monday, September 6, 2010

Laura's Outdoor Studio Exhibit

A festive feeling as we pulled up to Laura's art exhibit with her beautiful banners waving us in.

Pretty flowers on the table and a feel of Fall and creativity was in the air.

Laura did a daily demonstration explaining her process of collage.

We watched and were inspired, as Doris greeted some guests.

Laura created a beautiful abstract landscape before our eyes.

Final touches, and I wanted to go home and grab my supplies and get busy!

Here you can see some of Laura's beautiful finished pieces hanging proudly and watching too.

Doris had a beautiful display of her blockprints and pastels. Here she is beginning a drawing ...

of Nancy who was another participant in this exhibit with her lovely jewelry. Beverly's wonderful and whimsical watercolors had greeted us as us entered the exhibit, as you can see below.

An absolutely enjoyable time!


Doris said...

It was wonderful to see you and Marge there! Nice photos!

J (uk) said...

Great to see it all, thanks April!

Laura said...

Thanks April for all the great shots.. and it was good to see you to ladies!