Sunday, November 2, 2008

The birds!

I guess yesterday was the Starlings fall feeding frenzy. All at once, in the morning, I heard them in the trees behind our house. Each year, I wonder what they are jabbering about. Extreme excitement! Panic! Hundreds of them! Later, when driving down the street and past some farmland, they covered the field and the street too! Gobbling up whatever harvest was leftover. The air was filled with them and their noise. It is amazing. I do see this every year. As I drove on, another plot of farmland was filled with hundreds of Canadian Geese grazing.

Now this morning there are swarms of them again. A second time. There must be lots of leftovers. And I hear the geese high in the air.


Doris said...

I so love the flocking birds! They work so well together!

april said...

I know the Starlings aren't a native bird and aren't very nice, but I still love to hear that sign of Fall.