Monday, November 10, 2008

Starting shopping!

I needed some quilting batting, so yesterday afternoon Julie came over and we dashed to JoAnn Fabrics. Good sales and was surprised to get my Christmas shopping started! A little way down from there was "Kris Kringle Haus" and so we jingled our way in there. More shopping! A lovely little shop with lots of ornaments and such from Germany. Then, a little further on, into the pet shop for a small aquarium for "Freddie" who is eating more and "you know what" more and needs a cleaner and bigger environment to be in. And here is "Henri" who had been waiting for us to get home. Julie says he looks like "Fozzy Bear"!

In the evening, it was the annual meeting at The Center. It's always a very rewarding time and the slide show that they put together, a real treat!

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Doris said...

Oh he does look like Fozzy Bear!