Friday, November 21, 2008

creative spirits

The cool blues of winter.

Winter nights and snow remind me of the color blue. When I was young I had an electric blue dress coat, 3/4 length sleeves, with matching long gloves - oh, and matching shoes. Heels! I also had a hooded black velvet coat. Both are favorites memories of mine. I wish I still had them.

So I named this piece "Blue Velvet".
"She wore blue velvet
Bluer than velvet was the night
Softer than satin was the light
From the stars."

When something surprising would happen or something would go wrong, the favorite German phrase was "himmel mein mitte" or as my mother would pronounce it "himmel mein mitze". It meant "oh my heavens" or "oh my head or out of the center of my head".

This one my children remember, when they would be playing too hard or giggling too much or being too silly, she would say "pretty soon you'll be crying".

A good time at "Creative Spirits" on Wednesday evening, with a paper glazing demonstration. Nice! Surrendered two of my finished ledger pages to the appropriate recipients. As shown above, one to the theme of "Wrapsodee In Blue" and the other "My Mother Always Said".

Then, last night was puppy preschool. Henri did well, although he had kind of a "naughty" week. Growing pains. At class, we tried his patience with "sit" and "wait". He is also learning to "come" on command. Maybe. Some agility instruction included running through a tunnel, and climbing up and going down a wooden slanted thing. These are lessons in bravery. Now to practice what we were taught and to be nice to Timber.


Laura said...

As I've heard this will all pass, like a good Thunder Storm. I only relate to the training of your Henri, My daughter is a dog nut too and she has had some talks with other that have lab/golden-doodle kind of dogs and it's like they have the biggest part of the playfullness from all these dogs rolled up in one and it's hard to harness the good to be managable.. This too shall pass. I always laugh when my mother in laws dog come to visit, How it' puppy boot camp when he comes over to our house. It's good for them to have a way to please you. Well I'll quite rambling. I wanted to add a comment about your collages, there wonderful April, I love the peacefulness you bring to you work. Kind spirits creating kind works..

Audrey Altringer said...

How did Rich do runnibg through the tunnel?

Audrey Altringer said...

That is running!

april said...

Your comments are treasures, Laura.

april said...

No running through tunnels for Rich, Audrey! haha He doesn't get down to catch him at the other end either! "Yours truly" does. A little exercise for Henri and me!

butterfly woman said...

Love the cool blues of the winter scenes. Yet so peaceful. Your collages always bring a sense of calm to me and are so welcome during these times of world change and chaos. I really enjoy you explaining your last two collages regarding your mother. Always feel so much connected when artist describes deeper meaning of piece. And Henri, I will welcome him with open arms when I see him in person, and plant a kiss on him (I think).

april said...

Thank you, Bev. And I will add to the explanation of the "blues". I forgot to make a copy of the enclosure card that went with the collage and because I like to keep a copy of those things myself, have asked that person to copy it for me or send me a copy of what I wrote. Will post it!

Doris said...

Wonderful pieces. I was very touched by remembrances. I was told last year (probably repeating myself again), that when you draw, you remember. Still scares me.