Friday, November 14, 2008

"I Remember Mama"

Today is her birthday, and as I was looking through her recipes and her poetry, this poem stands out because I knew my time would come one day when I would have to face these thoughts myself, as she had done.

"I Never Will Forget"

I had the sweetest kind of mom,
I never will forget.
Her ways were fine and so sincere,
Sometimes it seems like yesterday -
That she was standing here.

Tho I know she's far away,
I feel her closely yet,
Because I know that in my heart
I never will forget.

'Cause fifteen years ago today,
God took my precious mom away
To heaven's glorious land, I know -
That like an angel, her shining
Soul must glow.

She raised us seven, firmly yet gently
Always there to help.
Little though she had -
She made it seem like plenty.

As a child, you couldn't help but mind
Our little old-fashioned mom so kind,
'Cause she was never loud or rough
Her manner so sedate
And never would she say or do
A thing to irritate.

I wish that I could touch her hand
And hear her speak again,
But thoughts like these just fill
One's heart with pain.
And sometimes I am restless yet,
Because I never - never will forget.

by Gertrude Erika Berglund

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Doris said...

So beautiful to commemorate your Mother here!