Friday, November 7, 2008

Puppy Preschool!

Last night was preschool for "Henri"! It's a great little class and his classmates are twin beagles, a pommeranian/beagle mix, a black lab, an english boxer and a german shepherd. They had a fun time! "Hen-ri' ". "Outside, outside". "Good do your job!" "Quickly, quickly inside!" "I love you." All the lingo has been going through my mind all morning. A good thing!


Uta said...

Not complaining April but there hasn't been a photo of Henri for awhile hehehe. He must have grown and now he's at puppy pre school aw.

april said...

He has grown and he has legs like Tina Turner. Long. He has a hundred colics in his hair too, thanks to his curly Mom. He looks like he has "bed head" in the morning, but it lasts all day. I will chase him for a current photo today!