Monday, November 16, 2009

The day after

Here is my pile of treasures that I bought at the art show yesterday.

Marge's lovely paper star ornament. Wish i would have taken a picture of the twiggy branch she had them hanging on. So pretty.

Audrey's sweet carved angel ornament. Danielle will love her.

Marilyn's beautiful handmade paper. Bleeding hearts.

Beverly's fabulous frog! Makes me smile.

Denise's unique cards, printed from her quilting designs. I have an Irish friend who will love this.

And Jane's first poetry book. A signed copy, of course! Pretty special!
Oh! And a piece of pottery from Karen! It must still be in the car. Not unpacked yet!

So, the art show is over and I can't believe that I did not take one picture there all day. And the camera was sitting right with me the entire time. I meant to walk around several times and snap some shots of everyone, and then things would get busy or someone would come in whom I haven't seen in a long time, and the thought was gone. Maybe I can get back today and take the wooden reindeer outside the lodge and the fellowcrafters' gift shop that looked so festive! It was a good day! Saw old friends, met some new, bought these treasures that I show you ...and my own stock of cards is a little lighter today!


Laura said...

enjoying you wonderful treasure April and just loving Bev Frog it's so good to see it up close like that such great color and it all.

Doris said...

Oh, missed another wonderful show. Bev's frog is just phenomenal!

J (uk) said...

What beautiful things! And memories! And friends!... Glad you had such a great time April :)