Sunday, November 22, 2009

A day at Brookfield

A perfect birthday outing. A day at Brookfield Zoo. Love these lions!

The gates are decorated in their holiday finery.

And it was Tree Trimming Day!

Some of the ornaments were wonderful handmade ones.

The gorillas were putting on a fine show, piling hay on their heads and I guess wondering why it wouldn't stay there.

The beautiful buffalo.

Lunchtime visitors!

Look at this big ol' hippo peeking at us.

And on to the camels.

These sweet faces, watching a grey squirrel run around in front of them on the grass.

The royal elephants.

And a stop for Dip 'n Dots! yum!

Some trees supplied their own decorations. The most beautiful ornaments.

A lazy day. Sleeping in the sun.

Almost all of the animals were out today with the cooler weather. A perfect afternoon for a sunny but cool nap for the lions and tigers.

Pretty, huh?

The sea lions were most active. Swimming and playing chase.

Taking a closer look at us.

Look at those piggies!

This window is asking to be a watercolor.

Soon it was time to go home. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


Suz said...

Oh what fun pictures...and you are right about that window shot!
Such a birthday! Family is such a gift

Household 6 said...

You took some gorgeous pictures! It looked like the perfect day for the zoo, and Happy (belated) Birthday to you!!!

Doris said...

Wish I was at the zoo. Perfect weather for a fun day!