Friday, November 27, 2009

A November walk

Julie came over this morning for a much needed walk for me. Off we went and first thing we saw were these little footprints in the cement. Somebody had fun!

These trees were decorated with their own ornaments.

Vibrant colors; tempting the birds to come.

Look at this gnarly bark. Don't you love the texture?

Here were some big big trees. We saw cardinals, juncos and maybe a Downy Woodpecker.

Oh, oh. who was living here?

The stately cattails.

And who are you?

and you?

Beautiful greens still showing through.

And look at this rainbow of color.

Then we came across a patch of osage oranges. That's what those big trees are. In the 1930's, they were widely planted as a shelterbelt and hedge tree and now grow wild.

It looked like the aliens had landed!

Look at how big they are!

The softness of moss.

And I almost missed the hawks! There were two of them and here you see one at the bottom of the picture. There were two of them soaring around way up in the blue. I wonder what they were hunting for?


KatyAnne said...

The osage oranges look interesting, I have never seen them before. Lovely colors on the berry trees.

Audrey said...
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Audrey said...

I put osage aranges around in my basement. They are supposed to repel spiders. I still get spiders in the basement but not upsatairs. So each year, Karrie's friend brings me a few.

J (uk) said...

Waht beautiful photos, I feel like I've done the walk too, thank you for sharing April. I can almost feel the fresh air on my face...

J (uk) said...
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