Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finding beauty

Taking a break from crafting creative Christmas crafts, I headed out the front door for a walk around the house, like Suz does, looking for the positive on this dismal day.

"Goose" is all dressed up for Thanksgiving.

Extending the beauty of the rose bushes, rose hips form among the thorns

along with the beauty of the fading flower.

Violets snuggle in the fallen leaves.

Remnants of autumn color revel here and there.

The Cleveland Pear waits with goodies for the squirrels.

A surprise! Around in the back garden, a mound of parsley! I hadn't even looked lately, thinking I had missed picking it because we have already had frost.

And Rosemary! Thyme! Yay!


Suz said...

Oh how Beautiful!! My little heart would have stilled at the violets nestled in fallen leaves....that is truly quiet awe.
I don't have a pear neighbor does....but I have the squirrel colony in my yard...hey..what do you call a gathering of squirrels anyway?
Keep the beauty coming...we need it on these gloomy days

Doris said...

Great photos! I found a lone young cone flower amid my drying debris.

april said...

"Some references say that a group of squirrels is called a dray, while some indicate that a dray refers specifically to a nest of a mother squirrel and her babies. Other references say that a group of squirrels is called a scurry. notes that squirrels are actually solitary animals and no group name is officially recognized." from
I like a scurry of squirrels!

J (uk) said...

Lovely photos April, makes me determined to get a walk outdoors tomorrow, thank you :)