Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling festive...

The day is here. It's the art show. The cookies are baked for the sweets table.

I'm bringing my little tabletop Christmas tree, so Hannah the Hedgehog can join in the fun. Cut some paper cardinals too, to decorate the table. Here we go!


J (uk) said...

It all looks very festive! Like the hedgehog!:)

Suz said...

April...that's it...that's all the photos I get? What are you sick?
I'm so sorry I missed the show. Knee deep in family.

butterfly woman said...

That hedgehog made my day at the art fair. She was sooooo adorable! I wanted to give it a hug (ouch)!.
Between her and the wooden reindeer outside, it was a wonderland of creative fantasy!
I can understand you not taking many photos, April, you seemed surrounded by admiring fans much of the day!
So glad the table filled with yours and Denise's collages were next to me! It's always the case, the art pieces I most love are NFS, still was thankful I could stare at them all afternoon!
From An April's Art Admirer!

april said...

Hi Julie!

Oh Suz! not sick...scatterbrained.

Bev, your thoughtful words of encouragement help make the day!