Sunday, May 13, 2012

BTBW4 part one

This was the weekend for the fourth "Barn to Be Wild" fundraiser at The Children's Farm at The Center.  Lois Lauer was spending 27 hours in the pig pen and I was scheduled to arrive at 8 p.m. for my shift to join her for the evening and the pajama party!  Here are our little star piggies!

And a view of the stall where the piggies live, with chairs ready for chatting and Mark in the background doing a wonderful job of taping everything.

Friends arrived.  Lois Hrejsa, also staying for the pajama party, and MaryAnn, Cynthia and Robin to give us their good conversation and encouragement.

Children's art!  Oh oh...when Lois moved it to show the movie, "The Lorax", one of the goats found a corner of one very tasty!

Here are the little beauties, snoozing away.

The rooster getting ready to perch for the night.

The sweet calves.

And one of my favorites, the sweet goats.

"Yes, we are sleeping here with you."

Helping to get in the mood of things, Lois donned this piggie hat given to her by a friend.

And after many chats with visitors, interviews with volunteers and program participants and live music, it was time for Dave to set up the beds for the pajama party! 

Continuing with more pictures tomorrow.....

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Laura said...

OH what a wonderful event..and great to see everyone...Robin too.