Saturday, May 26, 2012

what to do with leftover papers?

One more project at the end of my collage class.  Sometimes we work in matte medium and sometimes polymer medium.  The polymer papers are all coated ahead of time and you use some, and you use bits and pieces of some, and you also are left with many that are waiting their turn to be used.  They want a purpose.  So, as you see above, we layered small torn strips of those already polymered papers on a piece of coated watercolor paper (6x12), sort of in an order of maybe sky/grass/land/water/sky/grass/land/water.  Ironed them on, trimmed the edges, turned the paper over, and measured out nine little 2x4 pieces, cut them, and whatever we got - we got!

It always works out.  The little 2x4s always come out to look like some little landscape!

Use your imagination, and it's either mountains or hills or lake.

Put a little liner behind them and a little background paper and we attached them to watercolor paper folded into a card.

Nice handmade cards to use for those special people!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are AMAZING!
I loved the big piece by itself that you had, but then the little pieces, well, they are equally visually exciting.
Great work~~ :-)


nacherluver said...

Very Nice!

Jan said...

What a great way to use up your scraps. these would be good as greeting cards too.