Monday, May 21, 2012

the gift

My daughter is an occupational therapist and her students have been writing to a lady soldier this entire school year and she writes back to them.  It was decided, now that school is almost out, that the children would each design a star block to put into a wall quilt.  Yesterday Julie came over and I helped her add the navy star borders to finish the quilt top.  The children are anxious to see it! 

Now they will each sign a piece of muslin for the backing and we will quilt it and off it will go to the soldier.  I just love this thoughtful gift!  The children can not imagine how it will look, Julie says, and they will be so proud.


Audrey said...

The quilt is beautiful.

Suz said...

Oh APril...that girl of yours...gosh I could just adopt is gorgeous
I hope it goes to a soldier who really needs it...a comfort