Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting back to class last week

Found a wonderful idea in one of my magazines for my Wednesday class to do as a project this session.  I contacted the artist and she was so nice and helpful, giving me suggestions on how to go about it.  I will tell you about her later.

We chose a word and then went on to collage nice little squares to illustrate that word.  And I got the shadowbox frames, that the artist suggested,  for each to put them in.

My word is "blessings".

The class was very excited about this project...

and everyone got to work and came up with an idea.

The little squares are a challenge.  Sometimes more difficult that doing a large collage.

I love to see how, when given the same assignment, each one developes so differently.

Soon they will be finished and I will show you how it went.  i can't wait to see!


Sandy said...

Sounds like a wonderful project, April.

Elena said...

April these are gorgeous! What a wonderful idea!

Suz said...

I think this is it...
wish I was in your class right now...or maybe not...can't concentrate anyway...but it looks heavenly