Friday, May 25, 2012

Final project!

My collage class is now on summer break, but I wanted to show you our last project.  I'm very proud of how they all turned out!  I got the idea from a wonderful artist , who graciously gave me permission to do this with my class.  Paper Mosaic.  We sure had fun!  My message is Blessings.  My class loves projects and themes and I love to see how each one evolves differently and separately shows each personality and style.

Harmony by Lora Lee

Joy by Bernie

Appreciation by Sandy

Sanctuary by Marge

Exuberant by MaryAnn

Wonder by Barb

Curiosity by Carolyn

Freedom by Teri

Solitude by Judy

Karma by Peggy

Outdoors by Denise

and here we are (except for Marge, who missed our photo shoot)!  Happy summer days to you!


Robin said...

These are all sooooo wonderful April!! You are so inspiring! And your poems were beautiful the other day!!!

april said...

thank you Robin. It was so nice of you to come and i was so happy to see you there.