Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stages of Martha

Back to working on "Martha" for Monday's class.  I love that paper on the bottom right; it's gessoed and painted tissue paper and has a wonderful feel to it.  The colors are perfect for here too.  So, I'm laying down chosen papers and arranging and...

rearranging.  There are stars in my mother's embroidery of George, and so I wanted to repeat that pattern in here.  I'm also taken with the federal blue and antique white colors.  I also wanted to put in an image of Mount Vernon which was so dear to Martha's heart, and ladies sewing, having tea and dreaming of the minuet.

Playing around with stars and deciding where they should go...


Martha wrote down music for her children in her own hand.  I happen to have a piece of music that my grandmother (Martha) hand-penned and couldn't wait to do a transfer of it on this piece.

So...not done yet, but it's coming along.


nacherluver said...

Coming along very nice! Thanks for the peek at the process.

Ann said...

my brain has left!!
i had to go do something for a grandchild..couldn't remember if i'd hit "publish your comment" !!!!
so,i'll paraphrase my previous this piece!!! thanks for sharing your creative process. you take so many wonderful classes!!!
looking forward to seeing the finished piece!!!

Jan said...

Sorry I haven't been by for so long, you look like you remain very busy with your art work. I'll check back and see how this one moves forward.

Gina Gao said...

This has come out really nice! Thanks for sharing.