Friday, January 18, 2013

The end of the week!

Working on altered board books in my Wednesday class.  Covering pages with newspaper.  A good background and also a nice paper to paint or tissue-paper over.  Just can't imagine how this week went by so quickly.  And Henri has a "hot spot" that he annoyed terribly.  I am sitting with him constantly so hope more time tomorrow!


Ann said...

newspaper..i have never thought of that! DUH!!!!!
poor Henry!! our chow-mix gets them now and then. we put a cold compress on it...sometimes it helps,sometimes it doesn't. seems the best thing is attention and head rubs!!!

Suz said...

maybe try....dinovite
google it

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

My advice for hot spots that you didn't ask for, put just plain ole cornstarch on it!

april said...

Thanks so much for advice and suggestions you all! I should have asked and in fact was going to ask you, Kim, as I thought you'd be an expert at that subject with all those goldens. Yes, vet said cold compresses, hydrogen peroxide, then an ointment. Plus he has antibiotic to take and Benedryl. I really get tired of all that Benedryl; feel so sorry for him. Interesting about "dinovite", Suz. And will sure try good ol' cornstarch; just like we used to use on the baby's bottoms!