Tuesday, January 22, 2013

this session's classes

This week we're trying to nurse Henri back to feeling better from his "hot spot"; two visits to Dr. Dawn in one week.  He sits with me while I work on projects for my classes.  In Wednesday's class we are doing an altered board book with kind of a "story" theme.  I presented some beginning lines of stories, mainly from Hans Christian Andersen, to inspire and spark ideas.  Above, the beginning of my book; wintry, and will be combining some words of his with one of my own poems that i recently wrote concerning the icy branches one morning.  Took a photo of my tree in the front yard and maybe you can see I am cutting out some of the blue sky so that my background paper will show through.  Was going to do a transfer of the tree, but i like the color of the icy branches in my photo, so probably will stick with that.

I have some wonderful embroidered pieces, hanging on my wall, that my mother did many years ago.  Soldiers of the armies of 1776...

and George Washington.

So in Monday's class, I have given the theme of distinctive women in history and I have decided to do "Martha".  The beginning here, just choosing papers and researching her life.  I have a book called "Our First Ladies" that I bought a long time ago at an antique shop.  Published in 1953, it pays tribute to Martha Washington through Mamie Eisenhower and is giving me lots of information inside and personal.  Very nice and glad I bought it!

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