Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dinner and all at Julie's

Julie has one little apple tree in her backyard. The blossoms were so pretty yesterday, along with our other little blossom. "Picture perfect".

Deep inside another little evergreen tree, baby robins just hatched! Mommy was away from the nest briefly, so I took advantage of another available Kodak moment!

Inside, we made coffee filter butterflies for Spring. Coloring the coffee filter with washable markers, you then spritz with water and the colors run. Dry and scrunch together at the middle. Secure with a spring-loaded clothespin and add eyes and pipe cleaner feelers.

Surprises for me! This beautiful big planter for outside my front door and a lovely bag of traveling goodies for my trip to Minnesota in June. Our gourmet "Cinco de Mayo" dinner was "Grilled Chicken and Red Onion Quesadillas". The chicken breasts marinated in a mixture of cilantro, garlic, jalapenos, sherry vinegar, olive oil, Kosher salt, pepper and oregano. And Skirt Steak marinated in fresh lime juice, olive oil, cumin, red pepper flakes, S & P. Oh my gosh! Was so so good!


Ann said...

oh,she is so cute!!!!! you must have the most fun with her!!!

Doris said...

Amazing how the colors in each of these photos blend together! Can the butterfly set upon the container of flowers?