Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Thinking of my Mom. These are silhouettes that we had done at Riverview many years ago. A man would cut them from black paper as you sat there very still. Riverview Park was one of the greatest of all amusement parks, located at Western & Belmont. It closed in 1967. I have many memories of those times. It was wonderful.


Ann said...

these are so sweet.I have these of my twin and myself done at Disneyland when we were 10yo.
love the oval frame..i think that is the only kind to use.
Have yourself a wonderful day also!!

purplehatartist said...

I remember Riverview too; loved that place. Pretty tame compared to today's standards (6 Flags, etc.), but it was a yearly event for our families. Love the silhouettes.

Doris said...

Oh, those silhouettes! My Aunt Ester had a pair on her wall of my cousins...wanted to do that of my children...but I see here adults are done too! I still have time!