Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother's Day Surprise!

Look what landed in last year's hanging planter right off my deck! Oh dear! She snuggled right in and I know what is happening. "Daddy" is pacing nearby. They are cooing. It was such a mess last Spring, when they nested in our awning. I watched and watched so that they wouldn't do that again. But, this little gal tiptoed right in, during the night. "Henri" keeps looking around, but the planter is high enough so that he can not see her. Yet! I am sure once the "family" arrives, he will have a fit! Last time, it was twins and they teetered on the brink of the awning for days! What's a mother to do?


Audrey said...

So, no flowers in the hanging pot?

april said...

Not yet! I actually had a ground cover in it last year that hung over the sides and also grew upward. Was going to add to it this year, but oh well - not now anyway!

Doris said...

Oh some summer flowers after they've grown. I love my mourning doves!