Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wildflowers at The Center

The Purple Trillium. (Walkrobin, Stinking Benjamin, Red Trillium). Mixed in with the others, I ooohed and aaahed when I came upon it.

One of my favorites, Wild Ginger.

Here is Wild Ginger's flower. Each plant has this single purple-brown flower, which hides along the soil surface.

And the beautiful Bloodroot.

Yesterday, as collage class worked, Danielle painted this "zoo picture". We guessed looking into a window at the penguin or dolphin exhibit. "Yes", she said, "that is what it says at the top".


Doris said...

What lovely gems! And Danielle's picture is exquisite!

Ann said...

danielle's painting is wonderful!!!
thanks for sharing the photos..i've never seen any of those..guess i've lived far too long in the "concrete jungle"!!

Elena said...

Danielle seems to be following in Grandmom's footsteps! Beautiful. I just love seeing kids draw and hearing their enthusiasm as they tell you what it is.