Thursday, May 14, 2009

"My Dog"

Why don't you talk
If you think you're a boy?
Please, a hint of a word
Would bring me joy.

Your expression is such
I know something's there!
Just let it come out!
You know how I care.

I sure wouldn't tell
Our secret would be
Between us, you know
...Just speak to me.



Doris said...

He's speaking with his eyes!

butterfly woman said...

Nice words to go with the image.
Ah if our pets could talk, what stories they would spill. I think his express speaks volumes.
How come I never see his this calm when I come over?

Uta said...

April, he does speak to you. You just need to listen with your eyes.

Elena said...

Beautiful poetry! I can "feel" the way you felt when you wrote them. Esp. mistake and the dog. I just love that dog.