Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Poetry Luncheon

Yesterday was a beautiful day and a perfect day for the poetry luncheon. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze. Here is the walk, on the side of the Wayside Chapel, leading to the chapel garden where the poetry reading takes place. This was our 8th year of doing this special day!

The lovely woods, on the other side of the walk, gave a serene and beautiful feeling to all.

With St. Francis behind us, this is our "stage". (He also helps by giving me a little poke, so that my voice will come out.)

And here, the chairs are lined up on both sides of the podium for our guests.

Another year done and all the guests, with smiling faces, enjoy a cup of tea.

St. Francis celebrates with us!


purplehatartist said...

How absolutely lovely! It looks like everyone had a great day.

Marjorie said...

Joan must have heard something very funny!!

Uta said...

What a lovely spot for poetry

Doris said...

How lovely! Glad St Francis joined the festivities!

Ann said...

What a spectacular's beautiful! Do you do a mix of poets or focus on only one or two?
What a delightful way to spend time with friends.

april said...

This is our poetry class at The Center, Ann. We read our own poetry that we have written. We had 9 poets reading this year and we take one hour to do this, after a luncheon. We do two rounds and each poet gets about 6 minutes each round, so usually 2 or 3 poems each turn.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and the great event.