Thursday, May 14, 2009

My poetry

Since some have asked about our poetry class, I will give you a sprinkling of my poetry that i recited at the luncheon this week.

"The Notebook"

Wish I had a notebook
Within where I could write
All those thoughts inside of me
That just don't come out right.

I wish that I could tell it
All the secrets in my heart
And we would laugh together
At the tales I'd impart.

I wish that I could tell it
All my worries deep within
And it would form my words
Into a great big grin.



The day runs on with hours fleeting
I grant to each new chance a greeting
As it comes in and rushes on
I try to savor each short meeting.

Soon the morning's gone away
But I want meaning to this day
I hasten now with expectation
I still have time to win, I say.

All too soon, noon comes around
Its message, a defeating sound
I resist this mid-day triumph
I am aware I'm losing ground.

When at day's end, I'm feeling sorrow
For minutes gone that I can't borrow
Conceding to my pitiless victor
I fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow.



I watch the sprouts begin to climb
The breezes whisper of springtime.

A cloud floats by; forewarns of rain
But the sun recaptures its domain.

The game they play is watched by all
And needing a drink, being small -

The sprouts stretch with each raindrop
As "that glow" wins o'er the treetop.


"Spring Fling"

The spring rain came
We love the game.
This is our chance
We blossoms exclaim!

And so without another glance
We begin our yearly dance.
Leaves unfold and blossoms bare
What a beautiful romance.

We arrive without a care
Of trouble, we are unaware.
Growing, stretching in the breeze
The time is here to take the dare.

We flaunt our petals as we please
We don't mind if no one sees.
As we dance around the trees
As we dance around the trees.


"The Mistake"

She made an unforgettable mistake
I can not see past it.
Anger finds each open space
Engulfing me like a fire lit.

Taking over my every thought
Filling my world with hatred.
Unforgiving, on this I dwell
A sickness inside me is bred.

Now, how can I so better be?
This feeling's not right, I say.
How can I judge this - a mistake?
It does no good to feel this way.

So, this burning inside, I still.
The mistake could have been mine to make.
Thoughts of past ones do haunt me
I feel how her heart must ache.

The weight of guilt is heavy
Can forgiveness lighten our sorrow?
To free myself, I let it go...
And get on with tomorrow.



Doris said...

Very Lovely, so multi-talented! Sipping my tea!

butterfly woman said...

So glad you shared your poems here as I couldn't attend the tea. I especially like the last poem "The Mistake". Seems very deep, emotional and personal and leaves the reader wondering.
It's nice to see such a diverse collection of works by you.
Bet the audience and nature loved your sharing that day.

Uta said...

These are lovely April. Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing. The Mistake really drew me in. It made me want to know more.

Ann said...

April..thanks so much for sharing your poetry. It is a window into your soul..thank you for letting us in. You are so multitalented.
I love your diverse.