Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Calendar page

Trying to catch up with news around here a little. And trying to deal with the thought of losing Timber soon. It's very sad around here.

Sunday, our Calligraphy Study Group put together the calendars for next year. I wasn't able to go and help with the collating, but this is my page for December 2011.


Kate said...

A beautiful page, April. I wasn't able to go on Sunday either. Can't wait to see the finished calendars! So sorry about Timber. It's hard to let them go.

Suz said...

Oh APril..we knew this day would come...I am crying with you
what a great dog

Uta said...

Oh April, how sad :(

MB said...

What a lovely page, April. Can't wait to buy the calendar. So sorry about your dear Timber. I know only too well how hard it is to say goodbye...give him a big kiss from me. Tell him to look for my Sunny and Riley in Dog Heaven!

april said...

Thanks Kate. Yes, it is so hard.

Suz, I knew you would...and thank you for reminding me about "Enzo". I will be looking for "Tim".

I am so sad, Uta.

I know, Maary Beth. And yes, I gave him many kisses. I can see him romping in that big blue field with Dusty, Clifford, Elmo, Daisy, Corky, Sunny and Riley.