Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet "Relax-a-Bun"

Here he is. Julie's resident bunny. He's seen every day hopping around or lounging in her yard. He seems to like it when we talk to him.

Stretching up for the sweet stems.

Apples on her tree are getting bigger too.


Doris said...

What a cutie! I rarely get to see bunnies since I have coyotes.

Lisa Holtzman said...

How did you get these pictures?!?!

Love the journal about too : )

april said...

He is a cutie! My daughter has coyotes out here at her house too, Doris, but he has managed to escape. Same bunny for a few years now. We worry about him all the time.

I was in my daughter's backyard and he was a short distance on the other side of the fence, Lisa. He kind of hangs around you though. You talk to him and he doesn't run. I did use the zoom on my camera to get as close as I could. But the other morning, when I locked myself out of the house here, he was out in front, very close, just sitting there watching me.