Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nature Journal Workshop

These are the journals we were making yesterday. Not sure how long I will leave my streamers, but putting wooden beads on and will see when I do that.

Thinking of finding an ornamentation for the cover too. Something garden-ey or maybe even a key.

A peek at the pages.

Here the painted papers are trying to dry. They never did completely; it was such a humid day. We had the window unit air-conditioner on and could not use the hair dryer because it would disturb the plant material. A real dilemma.

This is how they will look after they are completely dry and the plant material is removed.

Here's Judy creating some of her other pages while we patiently waited for the other drying process.

Deb enjoys journaling, like I do, and has some great ideas for her book.

Pages in the making.

Looking over supplies to make other additions to her book.

And more plants and leaves waiting to be used.


Doris said...

Look at all that stuff! What great materials to inspire the senses!

Suz said...

they are beauiful...Judy looks so intense!

Kate said...

What a great class -- so much to do and create. Are there more sessions to is, or was it just the one day?

april said...

This was just a 3-hour afternoon workshop, Kate, but it could have been two days. The paint would not dry with this weather. The pages are so interesting to make, but need to be completely dry, after two applications of paint or fabric dye, before the natural materials can be removed. The results are exciting!

Kathy said...

it looks like you all had so much fun

Laura said...

what a great workshop April!!