Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to weeks ago...

A week and a half ago, I was beagle-sitting while some of my family was in Canada fishing. One morning, "Relax-a-Bun" decided to investigate the deck at Julie's. "Missy" sure wanted to get out there. She did not think it was funny at all. She did not want this visitor.

Oh, Relax-a-Bun, you are so pretty, but you better get going!

Okay, he decides to chew on some garden greens.

And hop around the landscape.

What a good bunny!

You really don't want to play with Missy!


"Where did he go?"

Missy gives up for now. Later, when Missy was sunning on the deck and snoring away, I looked out and Relax-a-Bun was back - sitting just a little way away from Missy on the deck! Oh no! I was able to sneak out and gently took Missy by the collar, tap my shoe a little bit, and off hopped the bunny and Missy never was the wiser! Whew! A close call.

Meanwhile, Abby was smelling the flowers.

"Huh? What bunny?"

Then, on to the Labs' house, when they needed tending one day. Here's Farley.

and Willow. Good boys.

Then, after the Canada trip, came the fish fry.

Cooking it outside in the cooker.

Mmmmmm. Nice and crispy. Walleye and Northern, fresh out of the cold waters.

A squeeze of lemon.

And yummy potatoes.


Suz said...

Oh what a fun story..beagles
and labs
but keep the fish

Doris said...

So good to hear the happy bunny ending!