Saturday, July 10, 2010

June's ledger page

The theme that I needed to work on for June was "a favorite childhood memory". There was nothing to wonder about! Of course, it was paper dolls (or we used to call them, cut-outs). I was an only child and it brought back memories of me sitting on the living room floor on a Sunday afternoon, with the sun streaming through the window, and my grandfather in his big ol' chair smoking his pipe with one leg thrown over the arm of the chair. That's what he did. Holidays brought Fannie May Candies and I got all the empty boxes to store my paper dolls in. They were always just the right size and what a luxurious place to live. Designing clothes for them was fun and then cutting out clothes from the Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs. I don't have my "old friends" anymore, but I have managed to find some of the exact ones on ebay. These were some of my favorites.


Kate said...

Oh yes -- good memories! All that cutting to make those outfits look perfect! And we're still cutting out images for fun!

april said...

Yep! Still cutting and coloring!