Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday's workshop

"Nature Assemblages". I decided to put together another one before the day of class and this is it. I have many seashells and wanted to use some in this one with the photo of my grandmother's brother and his wife on their little sailboat in Germany years ago. I seem to have used him in several of my collages. "Uncle Oswald". He used to send little German dolls and toys to me when I was a little girl. I still treasure them. Another collection. Oh, will have to show you one day.

Here is my class, busy busy.

Planning and planning. And, not in their frames yet so they can dry...

A lovely bird theme, done by Nancy.

Denise's wonderful handmade paper background with the natural colors of dried leaves and the added distressed "Lingering Leaves" music makes for a nice composition.

Betty's delicate use of shells along with the colors of the ocean.

Beautiful butterflies and feathers to match the wing pattern on a lovely patterned napkin background by Jane.

This photography of a shadow against the water-washed sand gave Peggy a very interesting idea to work with. I think she added just the right elements to highlight this excursion. Note the silver snake in the bottom right hand corner.

And simplicity is the key here in this lovely memory-of-the-day piece that Pam did for her niece.

"Intellect" is an exciting, youthful, colorful collage created by Brooke.
It was a delightful class! Everyone did a lovely job! And we all got home before the rainstorm!


KathleenAnne said...

April, These are lovely.. They are a wonderful idea to make as gifts.
Oh and I would love to see your collection of German dolls.. ;-)

Doris said...

Looks like a great day among some inspired minds and hands!

Gloria said...

These all turned out very beautifully! Great artwork!!