Monday, July 19, 2010

News Flash!

I got in the pool yesterday at Julie's! It's been a zillion years - maybe never. I don't swim. But Danielle has been after me. So I bought a bathing suit about two years ago and finally squeezed into it. Here's me and Brent.

Meanwhile, hubby was in a crazy mood. Just look at him being sneaky.

Oh my gosh!

While the others were shooting baskets.

A fun day!

Relax-a-Bun took advantage of no one watching and nibbled in the garden and under the willow.

Here's Mommy Kildeer.

Julie hadn't seen her come in this close.

Surveying what the rest of the birds were eating at the birdfeeders.

We had Chicken Fajajitas with grilled pobleno peppers and onion, lettuce, two cheeses, sour cream, homemade salsa and homemade guacamoli...and I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, here's dessert! Brownies and ice cream.

And some piled it together with chocolate syrup drizzled over. A great day and a great dinner!


Suz said...

Oh my what fun....and you joined in...liberating isn't it?
and Rich...a kid at heart
what fun you all had
and that Kildeer...have not seen one of those in years!~
relax a bun...cute name!

Laura said...

Good to see you jumped in April,the last time I was in a pool was at Doris's house and I to had to go buy a bath suit..i try to stay away from that job of purchasing one... great pictures.

Doris said...

Oh I wish my pool was running! Hopefully by next year. What a wonderful way to stay cool. We have killdeers all over in rural areas, they scold you for coming too close to their ground nests and trick you to follow them away.

Marjorie said...

Oh that Rich! He looked like he was having his usual fun!!
I've never seen a Kildeer!

april said...

The kildeers have nested in Julie's field since they've lived there, I think. They nest in the ground, so Rob has always known where they are and completely avoided their spot with the lawnmower. Actually we had a family of them when we lived in Oak Forest too! They are so pretty.