Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday's poetry

Yesterday, I hosted the summer poetry session here. We have a pot luck lunch after our readings and discussion, and I wanted to have some garden flowers on the table. "Slim pickins" in my garden between the heat and the fact that it is not being well tended this summer. But I found a few beauties to satisfy my vase. The blooms on the hydrangea bush are small this year, but actually I thought I had lost it, so this is good. I love the white. It's so summer pristine.

And the pretty purple is Wind Flower. I meant to take more pictures for Pretty Fridays but I forgot. So if any "Pretties" stop by, I hope you like these. Maybe there will be more for me to pick today!


Doris said...

The wind flower looks so delicate, does it hold up to the wind? I usually lose my tulip petals to the wind rather quickly.

april said...

Yes, they have held up through wind and heat and they are so delicate looking. They are a survivor.