Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday was T-Ball practice with Danielle in the morning, as it was rained out on Saturday. Then to Aunt Julie's in the afternoon for another fish fry! Brought some zucchini home too, from her garden. Time to make zucchini bread!

A beautiful Caprese Salad started us off! The big red tomatoes were from our local farmer, but those little orange ones and the basil are from Julie's. The little orange (dark yellow) tomatoes are called "Yellow Pear Heirloom". Julie plants them every year.

And here's the Walleye and Northern. Yum!

Lemon to squeeze, of course!

A favorite; oven-fried potatoes.

And a dip in the pool...

while Missy continues to be on "bunny watch"!
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln


Doris said...

I love the yellow pears, they used to come back without invitation!

Gloria said...

That Caprese Salad does look so yummy, and those oven-fried potatoes as well.
I love the quote from Abraham Lincoln. Boy, isn't it so true! :)

Laura said...

I so enjoy coming to you blog to see all the dailiness shared with family friends and wonderful food things...such a delight April it truly is..

Sandy said...

I spent a lovely morning with a cup of rasberry hibiscus tea and your blog. I am sorry your dog got sick and sorry for having your heart broken.

I love the nature class pictures, the quilt and trivets. Looks like you are having a great summer. Hooray for getting into the pool. Your hubby is a hoot.

Freshly caught walleye is my absolute favorite. You made it look so delicious, we just may need to have some for dinner.

I have too many bunnies! They are everywhere and are eating everything. I planted a rosebush on the 4th of July, It is gone now, along with any annuals and many of my potted plants. Sigh.

I enjoyed catching up. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Suz said...

oh yum