Saturday, July 10, 2010

The sky

Yesterday afternoon, while watching Julie and Danielle in the pool, I looked up and there was a dog in the sky! I'm always looking for cloud formations. I grabbed the camera but the clouds change so fast. Use your imagination and you will see in the top cloud a dog lying down, his head to the right. The moving cloud smooshed his nose before I got to take the picture, but anyway that part was flatter and his ear directly to the left of that was perfect and then his long lounging fluffy self. I want to outline over the photograph so it's like when I first saw it. "Hi" Timber.

Later, when I got home, the colors here were beautiful.

Just breezing along...


Suz said...

I do see him! ANd it was a beautiful sky day...glory glory
I saw Toy Story all by myself...and bawled at the end like a one around me but a bunch of crumb crunchers cheering
Oh I Loved the Gypsy Kings singing in Spainish!! Stayed for all the credit too
The kids loved it....but I felt sorry for the babydoll...they could have fixed that

Audrey said...

I too see the dog or is it a dragon. I noticed the great puffy clouds yesterday, but didn't look long enough to see any creatures.

april said...

Yes, we stayed for the credits too and was glad because everyone would have seen all the tears streaming down my face.

So glad you can both see my dog. No dragon, Audrey.