Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Robin Red-Breast!

I just have to tell you about this robin red-breast yesterday. I was out in the back with Henri and I heard the robin's call, that long rolling trill. But... it had words to it. It said "I'm here; I'm right here." I know what you're saying. "Ooooooo - ooooooo." But he was out in the back by the weeds where Timber used to like to wander along. No fooling. Now - I wake to the robin's song every morning and I know it. Maybe my imagination is getting away with me, but whatever it is, it's comforting. A while later, he was on the fence and looking right at me as I talked to him (photo above). Henri was just out there playing ball.
I grabbed this book that I have been wanting to read, and it says "when a robin comes into your life, you can expect new growth to occur in a variety of areas of your life. When the robin comes to you it is to help you in this process. It may reflect you have been doing so inappropriately or ineffectually. The robin will show you how to do it successfully." It says "many spirit totems that are birds are simply spirits of the air using the bird form to connect with humans more directly."

I think he's a messenger.


Suz said...

I think Timber was waiting to be a robin!
Bless your messenger!
Love and hugs to you my good friend

butterfly woman said...

Birds can be spirit messengers. After Frank's dad passed on, we were in Florida and I was sitting outside in the sun. Suddenly a bird hopped on a nearby tree branch and sang for hours. It was reassuring and I knew it was Frank's dad singing to me, saying "I'm happy now".
Same with a bunny that hopped into my family's yard after my mom passed. It sat there staring at me for a long time. I felt happy, that her spirit would always be there.
Love again from me.
This helps me to process my own feelings.....

april said...

So interesting, isn't it?