Sunday, January 10, 2010

Claybord Workshop

It was a freezy day, but we weathered the cold for the sake of art and a claybord workshop at The Center.

Carolyn was our leader for today, got us started and gave us an overview of what to do, step by step.

We filled the art tables with supplies to try everything that was suggested.

Here's Marge D, working on four separate pieces that work together nicely, or separate and be as individual as they want to be.
Sandy works away while wonderful ideas came through the blue to her. Carolyn keeps a watch over all of us.

Marge B and Gale work to get their inspiration down.

Gale has a lovely landscape with trees beautifully cut from text in a book.

Marge B works on her lovely pastel colors, collaging text inbetween and afterward adding calligraphy.

I am also working with earthy colors and organic-looking texture.

Nancy, Gai and Deb concentrating on their compositions. I see a hint of Teri's piece in the foreground. Don't know how I missed getting her in a picture!

Mary has a wonderful little colorful series going.

Marge D adds runs of dark color, adding drama to this piece.

Here, Carolyn continues to work on her pieces inbetween helping all of us.
The day went so fast and it sure was fun!


Laura said...

Wonderful Ladies just Wonderful good to see the creative energy warming up the insides while it was cool out side.

Good for all of you! :)

purplehatartist said...

I had so much leftover creative energy that I couldn't sleep last night! That happens to me some times. It was a great day.

Doris said...

Looks like a great day for all! Dangerous icicles certainly are pretty.

joo said...

Thanks for linking my blog and giving me opportunity to find yours - I love all of them!
I agree with Laura that it's great to see creative energy!
I like the photo of iccles.
By the way, I also love 'Miss Potter' - it's great film!

Uta said...

Looks like so much fun. We just don't have workshops like that. Lucky I can see all the action here :)