Saturday, January 9, 2010

A good day

Danielle and Daddy came over to cook with Aunt Julie and me. They were invited to a friend's house tonight and offered to make dinner to bring along. They made spaghetti and meatballs.

Danielle enjoys helping and mixing.

Then forming these little meatballs onto the baking pan.

After that was done, it was time for art. Thanks to we made a winter collage. A winter picture, gluing twigs to blue paper to make a tree.

Then we glued on cotton for snow, and sprinkled glitter over the top for a frosty sparkle.

And thanks to we made another winter scene. This time, painting the tree trunk and branches with brown paint on blue paper.

And creating "bark" with Cray-Pas oil pastels, and then adding the snow with a paint brush and white paint across the bottom of the paper and small clumps of "snow" on the tree branches.

Wheee...snowflakes splattered with a brush dipped in white paint.

A red hightlight was added. A red fox.

and a red cardinal up in the tree.

Well done, Danielle!


Suz said...

April, she really is good!
I truly think she's got it!
Blessings to you on this wonderful day of family

Maria said...

Hi April!
Mmmmm spaghetti and meatballs! Who could resist?
I also love the artwork here! I'm forwarding your link to my little nieces ... what a great project with the cotton balls! I also think the painted one would make beautiful cards!
That's one for a picture frame!
Happy Sunday to you~ Maria

Elena said...

She's becoming better and better. Beautiful time together.

Doris said...

Amazing how much learning and growth little Danielle has gone through. Grandma is fantastic!

Laura said...

I can't help but look into the future a little bit and see that though there's some rough spot going on in life this little bumpkin is shinning bright and that's because of you, your daughter and son.. Peace to all~