Thursday, January 7, 2010

Henri's winter adventure

Henri slipped out with his tennis ball today...

"Okay, you tennis ball, let's have a game!"

And it's a slapshot!

"You haven't got a chance."
On with the game!
" I've got ya!"

"Where did it go?"

"Gotcha again!"

It's a tough game!

"I think I'm winning!"

"I'll make sure."


And it's a goal!

"Oh boy! I'll stay warm, watching you from inside."

"Okay, game's over. Let me in!"

Left with a mouthful of ice.


Elena said...

I LOVE IT! You had me laughing out loud. I felt like I was there. And the way Henri looked at the end of the game was priceless.

Suz said...

What an adorable pooch

Laura said...

That's a good story April.. got any more? You've got to do a quick kinko's book or something as these little gems come up... could you imaging that a line of this photo books on you shelve??? well I'm seeing it already.

purplehatartist said...

I agree with Laura! That was priceless--you are a great storyteller April! I'm still laughing!

april said...


Doris said...

"Adventures with Henri" series.