Saturday, August 7, 2010

The fun!

Well, I told you about "the beagles" at Julie's house in the previous post and so now I will tell you about the fun I have while I am there. I always bring some art supplies with and have myself a good ol' time.

I brought my little journal that I made in Marge's workshop this summer and looking for something to journal about, I picked on the little apple tree she has. I don't think she planted it. I think it was just there. The apples are not pretty apples to just pick and eat but I still love that little tree.

I'm also working on samples of little gift cards to present at a workshop that I am doing this month at The Center. Fun! Fun! Worked on them last night and then again this morning, along with my oatmeal.

Back to the apples. Here is the tree.

I wonder how they taste. As many years as it's been there, I don't think we have ever eaten one. The bugs and birds do.

Now here's one with promise! I'll let you know.


Kathleen said...

April, such adorable lil' cards.. I love the giraffe..! ;-)
hugs, Kathleen

Audrey said...

I love the giraffe too. My sister is a big collector.

Laura said...

Love your creative energies and inspirations.

Doris said...

Great sketching journal! Is it A MYM journal?

april said...

Not a MYM journal, Doris. Never did get over to get one!