Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little cards

Still working on samples of little gift cards and envelopes to do at my workshop this month. Some are 1" and some are 1-1/2". Using images and words from magazines, it's fun!
Then here is the "triptych" style, decorated with a front opening.

Opening up to view a message using "ransom note" letters cut from magazines.

and the back.

An inexpensive and fun card to make, using wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.

With a cheery note inside. Again the "ransom note" letters. I love letters and using them this way is decorative and fun!

And the little "petal" card to insert into a small gift.

Folds up like this.


Suz said...

Oh I think these are better than any stor bought one
they are wonderful April
I am actually working on my valentines...just in case your count goes up to 25+

Elena said...

These are really cool April. Little sneak peeks...