Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday, and I almost forgot it was Friday, and so here is something that I am working on today. I'm using this paper that I painted for a background on a collage that I am doing. In fact, I may use it in a couple of pieces. Seems to go.

Interesting washes whatever way you turn it.

oops...seems this beautiful figure doesn't have a head. I think she's kind of Art Nouveau.
Well, that's what I came up with for my Friday Pretties!


Gloria said...

I love doing this with watercolor washes...flip it back and forth and try to see what kind of artwork you can turn it into!! Beautiful colors!
Have a happy "pretty" Friday!
@}~`}~~~ Gloria

Doris said...

Lovely washes, great start and isn't that a muse in the newspaper photo you submitted?

It's me said...

So beautiful...........Happy friday pretties Ria.....

Elena said...

April! This would make a great photo to go with my Friday post! About taking off. Does this mean I'll lose my head? Hee hee. Looks great!

myletterstoemily said...

what a lovely watercolor. it will
make a gorgeous backdrop, but
i think it's pretty enough to stand