Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Early this morning there was a terribly windy rainstorm.  I had to leave the house early to pick up Danielle and there was a dead dove on my driveway!  I have been watching these doves sitting on their nest for a while now and was so worried that that dove was one of mine.  I mean...panick.

When I returned home, Danielle and I watched all morning for the other parent dove to come...and I still only saw the one.  Maybe they look so much alike that they are both still okay, I am hoping.  And besides...

all of a sudden, I see more little heads popping up!

The babies are hatched!  This parent has been faithful all day and I am still hoping there are two.


nacherluver said...

How sweet! Baby doves! I've seen lots of nesting birds but never a dove nesting. Always wondered where they keep their babies. Now I know! Window boxes! Ha!

I was talking with a friend at a duplex they are remodeling. Right now they're on the outside putting new gutters and stuff up. I was so mad! There was a bird trying to get underneath the overhang. It was desperately flying back and forth, back and forth, clinging to the edge of the house trying to peck its way in through the newly laid metal.
I said, "What's that bird doing?"
My friend's business partner said, "she must have a nest in there."
I said, "You have to open it! What if she has babies????"
He replied, "That's what happens when you don't pay your rent."
Barbaric!!! They could have removed the nest!!!! I was so mad. Nothing I could do but leave.

Glad you're loving your birds and babies. ♥

Doris said...

Oh, I've seen many losses, hope the mate finds his way back or you may need to give Momma a bit of assistance so she needn't travel too far for food... big sigh. Sure you'll do a great job!

april said...

i still can't tell if there's been a change of parents sitting with the babies today or not. One is definitely there and feeding them though. Got some more pix and will post. I just love them. Filling bird feeders to the top today.