Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mommy Dove

Here she is today with her two little hungry babies.

Isn't she beautiful?

I am reading "mourning doves of both sexes feed their hatchlings something called pigeon milk; a substance that oozes from teh lining of the parent's crop (an expanded, muscular pouch near the gullet or throat) and contains more protein and fat than either human or cow's milk.  Hatchlings eat nothing but pigeon milk until they're three days old; after that they're gradually weaned onto a diet of seeds.  The parents continue to feed the hatchlings until they're totally feathered out."  

and look at those little fluffy guys.  Little miracles!


Suz said...

oh is she a widow?
boo hoo...those poor doves in your neck of the woods
I have my own tail of woe...a baby robin hit the window...RIP

Laura said...

I've heard that in the Winged one Family when the birds look exactly alike that mean's both parents will take turns sitting on the nest and feeding..but like red wing black birds the females are the only ones that do the main nesting of sorts...

Great to be learning something new today April..thanks for sharin about this..

shi zhan said...

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