Sunday, July 8, 2012

So back to life as it is...

It's raining this morning!  I'm opening the windows and smelling the fresh air.  It's a nice little rain with a little thunder and all.  The plants are perking their little heads and I can hear the cardinal singing his song.

Yesterday, I went on a Garden Walk with some friends.  It was still such a hot day, but we went early and enjoyed each of the eight gardens we saw.

All colorful annuals, this garden was so beautiful.  I love the rock border too!

There was an artist in almost every garden.

Beautiful pathways full of big blooms.

Pretty little spots to sit.

Lovely table settings.

Dramatic blooms.

An invitation to sit a spell.  Here's Lois, MaryAnn and Lois.

And other little ladies enjoying the colors in the gardens!  Isn't she wonderful?

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Suz said...

oh my what a lovely garden...but 100 all are better women than I