Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thursday's summer art

Plein air painting/drawing at Perri's lovely garden last thursday.  Remember, I'm still behind a week.  It was one of those 100 degree days but there was a breeze and a good amount of shade.  We weathered it.  Perri was a very gracious hostess.

Critique time and here is Sandy's beautiful watercolor.

Lois, giving us some pointers.  Each piece of art that she critiques, gives all of us help with problems that come up for us all the time.

Where's Uta?  There she is!  By the yellow flower.  It was so warm that we hardly moved and I wish I got a picture of her drawing.  Uta?

Uta was leaving me on the next day, Friday.  So lunch was prepared with all the healthy food that her and I have been eating.  Berries, cherries, nuts, cheeses and sausages.  Uta snapped a picture of the table before we started in on it, so check there .

Julie always enjoys my friends.  Mary came to meet Uta too.  Elena came to pick her up.  And we had a nice time.

No, I'm not saying good-bye, Uta.  "So-long..."

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