Monday, July 2, 2012

a trip to the city

Here we are aboard the Metra going downtown.  Me, Uta, Robin and Julie (who is snapping the picture).  I guess I will have to do this story in small doses because I, myself, don't get to go in to the big city too often and I was as thrilled about it as Uta was.

Arriving and I don't know which way to look first at all the new and old architecture and the beauty of our city.

Chicago's painted streets for Color Jam!

According to, beginning on June 5th, at the intersection of State and Abrams Streets, every corner of this four-way intersection is lined with brilliantly bright colors on the surface of streets and crosswalks.  Multi-media artist, Jessica Stockholder is responsible for painting the town more than just red.  She wanted to create "a cubic volume of color in the intersection between four corners and four buildings," making it seem like one has stepped into an animated film.

Placing colored pieces of vinyl on various kinds of surfaces all over the intersection, Stockholder drew on a lifetime of inspirations and a never-ending appreciation for color and intersections.  She described the installation as "a little bit like when a movie shifts from black to white to color, I think. Or when a movie moves from an animated section to real photography.  It just gives you a little different sense of where you are."

"The fresh perspective in the incredibly lively city of Chicago, which seems to be always under some kind of face-lift, was actually commissioned by the Chicago Alliance Art Loop.

Walking on down, we had fun visiting shoe stores, Dick Blick, and a pretty nice souvenier shop.....


I love the reflections of the buildings in buildings along side other buildings.  Does that make sense?


A stop for some Caribou coffee specialties.....and more to come.

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