Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday's Summer Art

Our art class thoroughly enjoyed Lesley's garden yesterday.  It was a warm day but there was a nice breeze blowing through the garden.

Lots of interesting and pretty things all around to spark our creativity.

The morning went by...

and it was soon time for lunch...

and time for the critique with Lois, which we all enjoy and learn so much from each other's artwork.  The first, above, is Joan's beautiful drawing.

Lesley's.  Looks just like the fairies could come dancing out.


Leona worked with watercolor pencils today and a pen & ink below.

I love windows and so I chose this lovely ivy-covered one to look at all morning.



Marge's two watercolors, above and below.

Tish's beautiful colors of the garden.

Lois always manages to finish a wonderful drawing in between helping all of us.

and soon it was time to end another week's session.  A beautiful day!


Jan said...

What a beautiful place to be and such a talented lot of women to be with!

Suz said...

nice artwork.....and I love your windows......but wasn't it hot and sticky? I guess I must b a wimp

april said...

It truly was a hot day, but Lesley's garden has a very peaceful feeling and there was a nice breeze. We all enjoyed the day.